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yum update -y ; reboot
hostnamectl set-hostname ""
exec bash

vim /etc/hosts mail

cek domain
dig -t A
dig -t MX

install zimbra / ZCS dependencies
yum install unzip net-tools sysstat openssh-clients perl-core libaio nmap-ncat wget -y

membuat folder zimbra di root
mkdir zimbra && cd zimbra
wget --no-check-certificate
ekstrak file tgz
tar zxpvf zcs-8.8.10_GA_3039.RHEL7_64.20180928094617.tgz
cd zcs-8.8.10_GA_3039.RHEL7_64.20180928094617

software license agreement? [N] Y
Zimbra's package repository [Y] Y
Install zimbra-ldap [Y] Y
Install zimbra-logger [Y] Y
Install zimbra-mta [Y] Y
Install zimbra-dnscache [Y] Y
Install zimbra-snmp [Y] Y
Install zimbra-store [Y] Y
Install zimbra-apache [Y] Y
Install zimbra-spell [Y] Y
Install zimbra-memcached [Y] Y
Install zimbra-proxy [Y] Y
Install zimbra-drive [Y] Y
Install zimbra-imapd (BETA - for evaluation only) [N] Y
Install zimbra-chat [Y] Y
the system will be modified. continue? [N] Y
change domain name? [Yes] yes
create domain: []
re-create domain no
port conflicts detected - press enter/return key to continue (tekan enter)
address unconfigured (**) items (? - help) 7
select, or 'r' for previous menu [r] 4
password for (min 6 characters) : [N2ksMwFo] password
Now press “r” to go to previous menu and then press “a” to apply a (tekan enter)
save conviguration (tekan enter)
notify Zimbra of your installation? [Yes] Yes
Configuration complere - press return to exit (tekan enter)

iptables -F
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port={25,80,110,143,443,465,587,993,995,5222,5223,9071,7071}/tcp
firewall-cd --reload

mencoba browser
untuk admin

untuk client

melihat status zimbra, masuk ke zimbra dengan command
su - Zimbra
zmcontrol status
untuk merestart
zmcontrol restart

untuk melihat hostname, di root
sysctl kernel.hostname
untuk merubah hostname

Jika ketika masuk ke webmail ada error "Unknown command sent to server: ZxChatRequest"
ketikan perintah di root
zmzimletctl deploy /opt/zimbra/zimlets/
zmprov fc all
zmmailboxdctl restart

untuk melihat log
tail -f /var/log/zimbra.log

jika tidak bisa mengirim atau menerima email
zimbra 8.5 keatas, masuk ke zimbra
zmprov ms zimbraMtaLmtpHostLookup native
zmprov mcf zimbraMtaLmtpHostLookup native
lalu restart
zmmtactl restart

untuk uninstall
cd /root/zimbra/zcs-8.8.10_GA_3039.RHEL7_64.20180928094617
./ -u

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